"When I am passionate I don't look at the time"


"The new challenges motivate me"


"Sometimes you should take risks to improve your skills"


"I love to take part of a big project"

New website almost ready


Respect Adaptability
Automony Sharing
Carefulness Perseverance
Team player


I would like to never stop learning, release good products and work with other motivated collaborator.


Photography Playing guitar
Sports (Bike,Gym)
Making motion videos
Automation dev


Young Bachelor in IT, I am looking for an interesting, motivating and challenging job where team spirit is an asset.
I don’t have a lot of experience but I was in London to make an internship. During this one, I was involved in some projects such as:

  • - Realisation of an Arduino project using NFC technologies to manage theaters’ doors
  • - Quality Insurance team for an auction website using Agile Methodologies
  • - A .Net project using REST technologies on Azure Platform to perform a messenger application

This internship increased my experience in development, team working and my thirst for learning.
I am keen to never stop learning and passing certifications (.Net, Java, HTML5,…). Also, I had a Digital Imaging Certificate (Photoshop, After Effect, Illustrator) that takes my passion for photography to the next level.


Computing science (telecommunication and network)

Institut Supérieur Industriel de Mons
September 2010 to June 2013

Java C++ C# C PHP MYSQL Windows Server

During this formation I was involved in different project and courses. Theses 3 years improved my knowledges into Linux, electronics, physics, telecommunication, network, development, automation, Windows server 2010, Mysql,...
After my bachelor I would like to go deeper in development.

Cisco CCNA1

Institut Supérieur Industriel de Mons
February 2012


During my formation, I choose to pass Cisco CCNA Exploration 1 certificate. That was a good challenge for me and a good preparation for my exams.

Digital Imaging

Athénée Royal de Thuin
September 2009 to May 2010

Photoshop Illustrator Dreamwaver

At the last year of my secondary school, I took night courses in Digital Imaging because I wanted to prepare myself for the first year of my Computing Science courses.


Architect website

July 2014

PHP Javascript JQuery

Realisation of a website for a professional. The website was build to be use as professional platform for the client, show customer projects, easy contact, professional mail address,...

Adrien Maleve Website

Ecommerce website

For training / July 2014


Personal project of an Ecommerce platform. The website runs dynamically the display of items, creation of new accounts,… An admin interface allows the owner of the website to add items, change stocks,… was also included.


Working final / September 2012 July 2013

PHP MYSQL Java JavaScript JQuery

Dropbox like application for team work. The idea was to provide an easy way to gather new hint, idea within a project, being able to see, improve, comment the work of team mate. The application came with versioning control system and comparison tools to see what has been improved etc (GIT like). Also I added some messenger, notification and mail features to fit with the actual requirement of the users. The final idea was to release it across all platform (Linux,Windows,Mac) for free and open source.


Zuehlke Engineering / April 2013 May 2013

C# REST Windows Azure

Realisation of a messenger app based on REST technology. During a team building I worked on the Windows Azure platform. With my team we build a client server messenger in C#.

Quality Insurance tester

Zuehlke Engineering / Mars 2013 April 2013

Jira Scrum JMeter

On a big web application I was in charge of the Quality Insurance. I made test cases, JavaScript scripts to insure that the final release does not contains any bugs. On the other hand I created tickets on Jira for issues that I found on the project. I also being part of daily scrum with the customer and developers in order to give feedbacks about the project, issues occurred,…

Arduino development

Zuehlke Engineering / January 2013 May 2013

Arduino C++ NFC

The goal of the project was to migrate an existing software running in the Arduino environment to C++ environnement. The software was an additional part of an existing application on Android. With the app you were able to book and pay for movie tickets through your phone. The smartphone could be use as a magnetic key to open the doors of the cinema using NFC technology. Once the migration to C ++ was finished it is necessary to allow the Arduino Mega to read informations from the NFC board. To complete that I implemented the Nfc librairie into the project.


For more info, you can download my CV in English or French

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Don't hesitate to contact me, for more infos, a new project,...